Know about how a resident of Mumbai (A “Mumbaikar”) shifted to a new city. Here, I have shared my personal experience when I shifted to new place from Mumbai.  This is my first view of Pune. You can remember marathi Movie – Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 🙂

Personal Experience of Mumbaikar Shifting To Pune


So I want to share my first experience of a new city with everyone. I originally hail from Mumbai. As you know it’s a little difficult for a Mumbaikar to accept any other new city. The fast pace, street food, Amazing night life, the small arguments with the vendors and Autowalas, all of it gives the city it’s own unique essence. You become a part of Mumbai. It is difficult to stay away from the city for a long time.

You must then understand my hesitation, when I first decided to move to Pune. I got a job offer which was impossible to say no to. When it was time for me to move to Pune, I debated over a lot of things. How would the city be? is it as advance as Mumbai? Do you even have a social life here? all of these question kept running through my mind. The day that I started my journey to Pune, I had already lowered my expectation. I was sure that, I would not be as happy as I was in Mumbai. When I crossed the borders of Vashi, the first thing that hit me was the silence. It was getting quite. It was not boring, it was actually pleasantly quite. You just play you favourite music while on the express way and you won’t even know when you reach the border of Pune.

My First Observation At New Place Compare To Mumbai

The first thing I saw after I entered Pune was ‘BBQ nation’. I was like, “What? they have BBQ nation right at the edge?” this was definitely a plus for me. As I entered the city, I could see all the commercial offices, the malls, the lovely residential complex. It was amazing. I was located at KP (Koregoan park). This was something I had not expected at all. Koregoan Park is one of the most expensive areas of Pune. I was thrilled to see this locality. There were Clubs, wonderful shops, Spas, Salons and a whole variety of new restaurants, each one different than the other. I just could not make up my mind on which shop or restaurant to visit first and could not believe that Pune is so  fantastic. I recall the term ‘do not judge a book by it’s cover’. Trust me this phrase hit it’s meaning for me. The street are clean. It spacious. the climate is so pleasant that you would want to stay here. I have seen the Mall and they are amazing. It just like Mumbai only, without the traffic (except the work hours rush)

Life of Mumbai As Compare To Pune

After the fast paced life of Mumbai, the peace of Pune was pleasantly welcomed. I got to work and even enjoy my life without worrying about the time. In Mumbai, it still felt as if there was never time to complete anything. Pune gave a good balance between my work and my personal life. I now have enough time for myself. I can read, write, go out with friends, see a movie, and after I have done all this, I look at my watch and say to myself “Oh! it’s just 10pm”. Something that I have not done in a long time. Pune really gave me more that I expected. It has been only 3 weeks since I have been here. I can’t wait to explore this city more.