We know that new invention replaces old fashion or old things. It might surprise you but some, modern inventions are also inspired from old times.  In this article I am talking about the top 8 invention inspired from old time.


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It might hard to believe, but a few of our inventions were inspired from old practices that our elders carried out in their time. My parents told me a few trick that they would use, which have been made easy with modern gadgets recently. Can we try this today?

1. Ironing :

Where we use modern irons, while our elder had their own invention for iron. They would add hot coal in copper pan and iron their clothes using it.


 2. Bleaching : 

Where we use chemicals and various creams for bleaching hair, while in older times, people would squeeze out juice from lemons and wash their hair with it. It is natural as  well stench free. After all it is LEMONS, The natural bleaching product.

3. Barbeque :

Clay pots, have now been substituted by modern grills and barbeques. Try roasting marinated chicken in a clay pot covered with kneaded dough as insulation and put the pot in fire. It will taste better then our electrically grilled food.

4. Perfumed Hair Spray :

Where we make use of tested perfume. Whereas, our ancestors invented small tablets made using camphor and extracts from flower and other essential oils, that they could burn over a candle. The smoke from these was passed into the hair, making perfumed spray for hair.   

5. Candle Holder With Windshield :

While we have candle holder, in older time, people used the shell of a coconut much as a candle holder which also protected the candle from going off with small breeze.

6. Starchy Rice As Glue :

We want to seal our letter, we go ahead and use a glue stick. Try using a sticky and starchy cooked rice as a glue, it give the same results. It will work almost the same way.

7. Kajal (Kohl) :

We have various cosmetic companies creation Kohl pencils or Kajals for us. In olden era, people would take ghee (clarified butter) and spread it on a betel leaf. They held this over a candle flame and Ta da, you Kajal is ready. 

8. Wood Ash as Cleaning Powder :

The ash from the burned woods became the a cleaning powder for washing utensils. In addition to removing the oils, it eradication the smell from the utensils.


That’s all about the 8 inventions, inspired from old times.  I have already posted various topics in my blog and most of them are my own experiences which I am sharing.  If there are more such inventions, feel free to share it in the comments.

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