Are you planning for your wedding? We all have to budget our expenses, right! Not all of us are rich 🙂 Therefore, I am share my personal experience of Budget wedding with all of you.  All the information given here are my personal experiences and from my wedding diaries which am sharing with our readers.  I have also suggested the low budgets for a few things.

The beginning…

Hello Ladies,

This is my first post as a blogger!

Earlier this day when I was out wedding shopping with my friends, I was wondering what should I write about. Should I start with fiction or fantasy? Maybe articles or beauty? When I was going through these confusing questions, my best friend “THE BRIDE” gave me a great idea. She said “Rens, people will laugh if they know the crazy things we did for this wedding”! So here I am sharing all my experiences of wedding budget ideas with you.

Wedding Budget Ideas – From My Experiences

This is the first Catholic wedding that I would be attending. And that too as a bridesmaid. So the main question started 6 months before the wedding date. What should be the theme?

Me and my best friend had literally search every website and almost stalked every wedding planner’s page. But they we either very expensive or not what we were looking for. Finally, we both decided that we will plan our own wedding instead of taking risk and wasting loads of money on the planners (I had rather spend it on dress and shoes :P).

How to Budget Wedding Flowers

Now, we wanted something serene and classy. It is christmas as well and ‘Maroon’ was decided as a theme colour. Flowers are a must at every wedding, but our wedding is planned at Darjeeling in January!  Real flowers were out of question, as it would be difficult to get them fresh in winter. After researching the net, we found some really great artificial flowers that would definitely meet our purpose. Real surprise was how they would look.  After surfing the internet, we ordered a few samples, and my! were they beautiful. Nowadays, markets have really outdone themselves creating substitutes. I suggest trying a few online links.

We decided to go with an archway (you get a lot of archways online) of White and Maroons. Ribbon, even though they seem old school, they really look good. For the dining area, we wanted the guest to have their own private cosy place. We also wanted to have candlelight at each table. But the candle won’t last in an outdoor setting. Again, dear old google came to our rescue and we found these cute bulb candle that are easily available at any online store. These come at a really cheap rate but they look fantastic. As these are battery operated, they can never go off. I am providing a link for the ones available online.

How to Budget Wedding Lamps

For the roof, my friend always wanted those round hanging lamps, that give a mystical look. We went to a shop in the mall and the price quoted was Rs.800, per lamp. Out of question, because we wanted 100 lamps. We saw the cloth lamps online and again ordered a few sample. Purpose solved. These were perfect for us and if you order them in bulk, they come as cheap as 150Rs, per Lamp. We got our 100 lamps in 15k far less then the 80k from shop.

To keep our guest entertained we wanted to have those frames, where one can pose and click photographs. We decided to use real Maple leaf. The idea was inspired after we saw it in a Mall. We took these dry maple leave, dip them in diluted glue and use Golden colour and sparkle and Ta da you are done! After that, we got a wooden frame and created a beautiful photo prop using these golden coloured Maple leaves. We are very excited to see how they will look in picture. I will surely post a few on my blog.

That’s it for now. This was only the beginning. In my next chapter I will take you through that bridesmaid dresses. Accessories and most important of all Make-up.

So, this is all about from my experiences that how you can budget wedding flowers, wedding lamps.

Stay Beautiful!