Are you going to marry near time then congratulations to you or if your marriage is yet to fix then you can still read this article to plan your future marriage budgets.  In previous article we discussed about wedding budget ideas for flowers, lamps.  In this article we are talking about the most attractive and important part of wedding which is the Clothes.  Cloths of both Bride, Groom are the center point of the wedding attendants which are you are invite by you for the marriage ceremony, reception ceremony who are your relative, friends, colleagues.  But managing the budget for clothes is very very hard as it is like humbling thing which to do or not during selecting the appropriate clothes for your marriage ceremony and receptions.   So, read this article which is titled as how to manage  your budget for wedding.

How To Pick Best Budget Wedding Clothes

Hello Ladies,

It’s time for clothes shopping!

In last article of wedding budget, I have described about how you can do wedding budget for flowers and lamps.  Now it’s time to shop an important thing which is must for wedding ceremony and reception – Clothes.

As promised, today I will tell you about our clothes shopping and the area where you can get the best outfit. As my friend is the only girl child in her family it was upto to her to shop for the entire Bride’s party. We did the first thing that everyone does, and jotted down the list of people we needed to buy clothes for. We had party of 20 people, that we had to buy clothes for. We decided to categorise them into 4 groups (Young Men & women, Older ladies and men, Children and the Bride’s crew). Believe me, if you have them categorised into section it will really help divide them while field shopping.

Best Wedding Clothes Shops in Mumbai

The best place to shop for older ladies of the family is the Mumbai’s Bhuleshwar market. It is a wholesale market, so you will get wide range of sarees to choose from at half the price, that you would usually pay at a retail shop. It is best not to take a car, as you would hardly find a place to park. I suggest, first checking out the entire market before you start shopping. Starting early in the day will give you enough time to explore. You will find every material ranging from 350 – 35000 in this this Market.

For the flower girls, we ordered these lovely dresses are available at Aliexpress online store. The material you get from here are really fantastic. We got a very nice deal, as we shopped during the year’s discount sale. The only draw back is the wait. Once you order from aliexpress it generally take a minimum of 25 days for the order to arrive. But as we started shopping 4 months in advance, we could afford the wait. You can check out other online stores for kids as the sizes in kids section are generally accommodating for all children. You could try a lot many online shops for flower dresses here.

Prices of Bride Dresses – Wedding Budget For Dresses

During this period, I had to be in Pune for some work. What we really did not expect was, the variety of dresses and shops that are available for you. It might be hard to believe, but we actually picked our bridesmaid dresses from this city at a mere cost of Rs. 1600. This really saved our money a lot. Of Course, I would not recommend going to another city for buy one or two outfits, but if you are travelling through, do not miss checking out this city.

For men, the best thing would be to get the clothes stitched. It will be way cheaper then, exploring various branded shop. After all, people are going to wear it for one day. Not to mention the centre of attention is the bride and groom. Now, when it came to choosing the bride’s dress, we had to indulge. Do not compromise on budget for the Bride’s dress. It has to be the best. Also, please visit various boutiques that are available in Mumbai. Mostly, at Andheri lokhandwala area. The dress has to be the show stoppers, therefore, boutiques are the best places for wedding gowns as their uniqueness is unmatched.