Hello Readers,

I would like to share with you my first experiences of dining in a few restaurants in Pune. I am fairly new in this city, so this review is pure based on my first impression. Some good, some bad. I will start from small eateries to big Restaurants.

Sharing Personal Experience Reviews of Restaurants in Pune

  1. Eatsome (Kalyani Nagar) : This was the first place I tried a meal in Pune. I just wanted to grab a quick bite, when I came across this small eatery which server rolls as well as rice combos. This place is a must try for everyone. It server food in 20-30 min and the it’s really tasty. I am a fan of biryani but I tried their buttered Rice combo, Rice is really buttery…..price for 1 approx. Rs.300.
  2. Coffee ‘N’ Me (Viman Nagar) : This is a go to place for breakfast combos. I have always loved English breakfast and these guys have some greatly planned combos for you. Goes without saying that their food is yummy. Especially the chocolate pancake. It’s chocolicious. Price for 1 approx.  Rs. 250
  3. Charcoal biryani (Kalyani Nagar) : Again this is a place to visit for budget friendly biryani combo. If you compare it with Eatsome, I will always go for Eatsome, but that depends on each one’s preference. My friend like charcoal’s food, whereas I like Eatsome. Price for 1 approx. Rs. 250.
  4. Punjab Grill (Phoenix) : This is a nice restaurant, if a little on the expensive side. If you want a fine dine, visit this place. I suggest going for their buffet (served at the table). You can try a variety of dishes this way. Their Mutton ribs starters are to die for…the meat just melts in your mouth. Price for one approx. Rs. 1500.
  5. Zahir Khan’s (Phoenix) : Hmm, what do I say here. I really wanted to try food here, but when me and my partner visited this restaurant, first thing we saw, no one at the reception table at the door. We saw that a lot of table were empty so we went in. There we have one person, who just told us to wait outside. Okay so we were dressed in comfort clothes, that does not mean being rude to someone. Plus why would we wait outside the restaurant unattended, till the staff inside came out at their own leisure? A big No No for me. Atleast at Punjab grill, we had a very polite and sweet lady who told us if the seat were available and what she could do to help us. Zahir’s could have done the same, without telling us to go out of the restaurant. Request the manager to teach the staff some common curtsies.
  6. Khiva (Phoenix) : This was an exception experience. They have authentic flavours of Persian food. Lovely ambience. While our order was being prepared, we could read the history of their delicacy, as they have a newspaper themed menu card that you can take with you. It is really interesting to read how their food was originated. The flavours are heavenly. Please visit this place. Price for two approx. Rs. 2000.