Most of us make blunder during our interview. It is generally caused due to nervousness, sometimes overconfidence as well. We either try to hide things or try to over exaggerate our statement in our interview, making them unbelievable. There are five most important questions that we have to take care while answering in an interview. These questions are not necessarily related to your job profile, but they matter the most.

  1. About yourself : This is the first questions that we all come across. Believe me, this question is the one that will set the tune of your interview. This questions is asked so that the interviewer and the interviewee can both feel comfortable to proceed. Keep the answer between your personal life and professional experience. Kept it brief without lengthy reply. You give them a little about your background, but also enough about your professional experience to start a steady flow of question.
  2. Have you had conflicts, in your last organisation : This is a very tricky question to answer. Try not to say no, because all of us have sometime or other faced arguments. You should generally tell that instead of conflict, you would call it disagreement that were resolved after talking it out.
  3. What were the challenges that you faced : Now, this is a fairly simple question that can earn you lot of points. You should tell them about the challenging task that you have achieved in your last organisation. If you can give a situational based example, it will help the interviewer understand your role in solution better.
  4. What would you bring in the new company: This question may sound simple, but it could also become the main question that interviewer judges you on. It is safer to tell about your past experience and future endeavours that you aim to achieve.
  5. Do you have any questions for us: Never ignore this question. If you say ‘No’, it generally tells that either you did not understand your JD or you are not interested. You should always ask questions about the organisation. Future plans. How are you expected to join in these developments.